Best Airplay Mirror Apps (Reflection, Display Recorder, iDemo)

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28 thoughts on “Best Airplay Mirror Apps (Reflection, Display Recorder, iDemo)”

  1. Record your iPhone, iPod or iPad-it WORKS with ipod touch-you do not have
    to jailbreak:)-and yeah I use reflector-it’s great! ο»Ώ

  2. I might get it the video I was planning to do is to have the display of a
    macbook pro on a iPad so it looks like your iPad is a home computer that is
    what I am planning on doing already have the application.

  3. Well it’s actually ment more for recording the ipad’s screen πŸ™‚ cos there
    is no app to actually do that πŸ™‚

  4. Hey man great video two minds think a lot lol hope your doing well I love
    the video by the way I will be doing a lot of videos on the iPad 3 soon as
    well =D

  5. On the mac Im trying to install the software But it says I need a
    certificate or something and peole are saying that it is free but It says
    to buy it

  6. Thank you soo much, it’s funny cos I just basically said thank you on my
    100th video giveaway and now I have to say thank you again because I got a
    100 subs so yeah LOL If nobody unsubscribes I’ll have to make another thank
    you video!

  7. hey bro, i got Reflector full version on my macbook pro but how can i
    connect with my iphone? i just can play music, video n photo from my iphone
    to mac. but cant desplay my iphone’s monitor on my mac.

  8. Which one of the 3 are you talking about, if it’s reflection, yes you need
    an activation code since it’s a paid app.

  9. Yo my nigga … Thank you so fuckin much. I was lookin for a cool app to do
    this and you help me out. ο»Ώ

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