The Biggest and Best iPad Kids Book App!

If you’ve got kids and an iPad, then you need this app! Featured in “New and Noteworthy” and “What’s Hot” on iTunes. “The Boy Giant, itself, is a wonderful t…
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The Amazing Train – Download the app here : Best app for the iPad The Amazing Train is a unique magical adventure story told through th…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

14 thoughts on “The Biggest and Best iPad Kids Book App!”

  1. This is awesome. One day If i have a app like this for my kids(lol if i can
    even can buy a ipad)I would be glad to get it for them. Its amazing though
    how the pictures move and how you can change the weather on one part of the
    page. Please subscribe to me i already subscribed to you! Your video is
    cool and im glad to see more of your videos!

  2. I love the illustrations! Interactive book apps are getting better and
    better! Hope people will like Squeezy Book as much as this.

  3. Your kids will love the Nimbus Littling series as well ! The illustrations
    are spectacular. There’s a great trailer for it on YouTube

  4. a truly remarkable app. a wonderful story for both adults and children. i
    recommend it. my two kids haven’t stop playing with it and they absolutely
    love it. get it, and get it now.

  5. the story, the animation,the idea of a one day of living in a dream is
    great. looks so good! i am sure it will be a great success. DALIA YAIRI,

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