Travel Friendly In-Flight Beauty Tips

I’m going to show you my in-flight beauty routine for a long haul flight. You’re going to survive it and look fabulous at the same time 🙂 This is my mish-li…

Today I share a few of the things that help me survive a long haul plane trip! Subscribe to my channel 🙂 EXPAND FOR ALL INFO: These ar…
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49 thoughts on “Travel Friendly In-Flight Beauty Tips”

  1. I’ve been traveling for the past month…figured a Travel Friendly
    In-Flight Beauty tutorial makes sense 😉 Bon voyage!

  2. Your video looks great, +Michelle Phan! How did you create the plane like
    that? What editing program do you use?

  3. mish, you are losing subs. i suggest you post a video, a good video, before
    your big numbers fall off a cliff. were all waiting, quite disappointed.

  4. I need girl’s opinions and that’s why I’m here. Is taking a girl to some
    local mountains where I live, hiking around the lake, and having a picnic
    too much for a first date? I’ve known this girl for 5 months and she’s into
    me, if that makes any difference lol. I’d appreciate it.

  5. Didn’t she do a similar video to this in the past? I am pretty sure its
    called Airplane Beauty Tips of something like that..Tell me if I am wrong
    but I am quite sure she did something like this (the video) but not on a
    real plane last time.

  6. This is actually ridiculous. This video suggests that Make Up is extremely
    important. oO still like watching it because its Michelle Phan!

  7. Can you create a very natural looking no makeuo look? Like the makeup
    Hailee Steinfield wore in the movie Romeo & Juliet.

  8. yeah where have you been? you barely even make videos for us anymore.. i
    miss my role model. dont give up on us! don’t forget we’re the ones who got
    you to where you are now! I love you mish!

  9. This video is perfect since I’m traveling to New York in nine days! It’s
    the first time I’m traveling outside Europe and I’m pretty excited!!

  10. I love making makeup videos. but i can’t find a good concealer to cover up
    blemishes that dont look cakey! do you have any tips for finding a good
    concealer or foundation thats not cakey that still covers up?! 

  11. Some of you are just being so ridiculous. First, there is no green screen
    here-the lights on Virgin Airlines actually look like that. Second, she
    made this video as helpful hints for when you’re flying on a plane. Many
    women wear no makeup on the plan (usually have to wake up VERY early to
    catch a flight) and do their makeup on the plane, so she’s giving us tips.
    To those saying her ‘audience’ and ‘viewers’ are teen girls that don’t
    fly-that’s incorrect. Most of her viewers are girls who started watching
    her 4 years ago, who have grown up with her, like me (I’m now 21, and fly
    about four-five times a year). So everyone either appreciate the video, and
    buzz off.

  12. i always take a face mask so that when i take my makeup off my skins being
    hydrated and isnt really dry when i get off

  13. I like to drink a ton of red bull, so I could be extremely annoying to the
    people next to me. 

  14. OMG I am like exactly like you I actually love flying!! And yes looking
    forward to your other vids on this!! I’m headed to Asia soon (13 hours)
    phewww talk about long haul 

  15. Finally someone who makes sense. I fly to Asia every year from America and
    recently started using a water bottle to stay hydrated. Your also right in
    that I paid good money for my ticket and I don’t want to miss my meals or
    free drinks. 

  16. So helpful Charli! I’ve started to do a couple of these things but I’m
    definitely going to be taking on board the these tips! :))

  17. Whenever I fly, especially the last couple trips to and from England, I put
    my essentials that I need with me during the flight (medication, a book,
    etc.) in a separate little baggie I can take out before boarding and put my
    bag in the overhead storage. I have anxiety and not that flying makes me
    nervous but having people wait on me while I try to stuff my bag under the
    seat rattles me and it just makes it easier to be prepared. Plus, you get
    more room to stretch out and relax, especially if you’re tall like me!

  18. Definitely with you on the pj pants tip! I wore pj pants on my flight from
    Vancouver to Auckland and do not regret it at all!

  19. Great tip about the change of clothes! I always look [and feel] like a
    total wreck by the time I’ve arrived in Europe from NZ! My tip: have a good
    playlist of songs ready for you to listen to before you set off on your
    journey, film soundtracks are great when you want to daydream a little.
    Also, bring some lollies to keep you going through the flight!

  20. I love plane food too!! I always bring spare clothes in case someone spills
    their food on me haha. 

  21. I’m with you on PJs, I basically look like a homeless person when I travel
    haha. Forget looking like a normal human being, it’s all about the comfort!

  22. I’ve been flying since I was four, so I totally understand the importance
    of these tips! Along with water, my essentials include a good moisturiser,
    face mask, and eye drops (the ‘refreshing’ type) – I find they all help to
    make you feel a bit less icky. :)

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